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9 Best Men’s Headbands for Long Hair

best men's headbands for long hair

If you love to work out but your thick, long hair gets in your way then you need one of the best men’s headbands for long hair? Men’s thick hair gives them a cool look – it covers their head perfectly, giving them a messy and “just got out of bed” look. Even though the look is exceptionally stunning and appealing, it gets irritating when you’re working out for hours.

The sweaty and unruly hair gets very untidy. Moreover, it annoys you a lot when they continuously start to distract you from the workout by coming in front of your eyes. So, what could you do to fix this problem? Here’s a quick solution. Go and buy yourself some headbands! Yes, I said what I said.

Headbands are the easiest solution to your problems. It is perfect for orienting your hair if you forget to visit a barber for a month or two. A headband is an essential element in your sports gear. It prevents the sweat from falling on your face by absorbing the most of it.

Men also prefer headbands to style their hair when going to the gym. Or when working for long hours to increase their productivity. The hair gets tied up and organized with headbands so that nothing stops you from working.

Our Top 3 Best Men’s Headbands for Long Hair

Below we’ve handpicked what we consider to be the best men’s headbands for a long hair and to hopefully suit all budgets.

How to Buy Men’s Headbands for Long Hairs

Buying the best headband can be tiresome. There are so many options and they all seem so similar. That’s where we come in to help.

Here are the qualities of the headbands that you should investigate when looking at buying a headband.

The Size of The Headband

When buying headbands, it is necessary to purchase the right size. Often, when buying, you tend to buy a headband that doesn’t fit your head right. It is either too small or too big for your head. Too small headbands may cause you a lot of pain when you wear them. They might prevent blood circulation in your head, which can be very harmful.

Also, the loose bands will cause you disturbance as you have to adjust them from time to time. This can be especially annoying when trying to struggle through some sort of exercise like getting back into running.

So, to be on the safe path, make sure to take measurements of your head before buying a headband. This step would allow you to purchase the headbands that fit you upright.

The Material of The Headband

The material of the headband has its significance. The material of the headband may vary from category to category. Plastic headbands are sleek and light-weighted. They provide a considerable amount of support to your hair and help to keep them in place. Moreover, it also gives a cold vibe to your outfit.

man wearing a headband and white tshirt

However, polyester, nylon, and terry cloth are the prime materials to create a sports headband. Manufacturers design these headbands to fit your head perfectly. Also, they are used to absorb sweat from your head. Moreover, it gives a fashionable sports gear look to your outfit.

So, while purchasing, always look for the exact material that will meet your needs.

The Thickness of Your Headband

The thickness of your headbands only matters when concerning the amount of sweat you discharge. The thick-clothed headbands tend to absorb more sweating than the sleeked ones. This will be especially helpful when running distances of one mile or greater.

Types of Headbands

The classification of headbands lies in multiple ways, based on material, thickness, etc. Listed below are a few types of headbands That are most common.

1/ The Yoga Headbands

guy wearing one of the best mens headbands for yoga

Men can use these headbands for a variety of purposes. The yoga headbands keep your hair out of your way while absorbing sweat. Due to their thickness, they have a similar style and appearance to a runner’s headband. They’re great for any sporting event. Moreover, they provide the utmost comfort and coolness to you.

It would be irritating to move around while doing yoga poses when males have long hair. Instead of relaxing your nerves, you’ll become frustrated since you won’t be able to do the poses or your workout.

A good yoga hairband will absorb sweat from your forehead while keeping your hair in place. Once you begin to heat up, it will also allow your body to cool down during active periods. Nothing can stop you now from doing vigorous workouts or yoga poses.

2/ Bandanna Headbands

The bandanna headbands exude a laid-back, confident attitude. The style frequently links with motorcyclists and rock stars. Artists and singers love to perform with them as they give off a chic bad boy vibe.

The good thing about these headbands is that they can go well with short and long hair. Also, there are plenty of design variations that you’ll have no trouble finding one that matches your unique style.

Moreover, there are plenty of ways to style a scarf. You can fold it in a triangle or tie it around your forehead. Or, if you’re looking for a sassier rockstar look, try doubling it till it forms a thick strip and wrap it around your head to tie it.

These headbands would look great when going to a concert or going for long rides on your favorite bike.

3/ Tennis Headbands

tennis player with a mens tennis headband

The tennis headbands are part of a tennis player’s gear. They often come along with matching wristbands. It gives you a bolder and fresher look.

These headbands consist of sweat-absorbing materials. They often come in different sizes that can fit any age group. The tennis headband is perfect for keeping your hair falling in front of your eyes. Also, it prevents the sweat from dripping down on your face.

4/ The Toothed Headband

The toothed headbands are the best when you want to secure your hair in a sleek manner. It provides rigid support to unruly hair and prevents them from falling in front of your face. Like other headbands, it absorbs sweat from your forehead.

The pointy teeth are perfect for evenly distributing hair. It also gives you remarkable stylish finesse. It is one of the best headbands for men and is excellent if you want to work long hours. The hair stays in the place, and you’ll be able to complete your work trouble-free.

Moreover, the plastic is so light-weighted that it stays in the right place. On top of it, it will also provide you with the utmost comfort and relaxation.

Are Headbands and Hairbands the Same?

The question arises as most of us call headbands and hairbands the same thing. But are they the same? The headband is often used as an accessory to pull your hair back from your face.

Moreover, it also prevents moisture from dripping from your head to the face. It also styles your hair perfectly and gives you a nice subtle look. And if you have long hair and don’t know how to organize your hair while working or doing sports. Then these headbands are the best option for you.

The headbands are of different kinds, including tennis, gym/yoga, toothed, wavy, and bandanna headbands. All the types possess their unique style and distinctly complement your outfit.

However, on the other hand, hairbands are specifically used to tie your hair back. Women are known to wear hairbands more often than men. IT also comes in different styles like scrunchies, elastics, no creases, etc.

9 Best Headbands for Men

After days of research and testing, we’ve put together the best headbands for men worth buying. These are of different styles and categories. So, make sure to buy them from your favorite online stores or their websites.

1. Temple Tape Headband for Men

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Product Description

The product is available in nine different eye-catching shades. The headband possesses stretchy, light, and breathable material. This material absorbs and evaporates sweat eight times faster than a traditional cotton sweatband. The wideband is perfect for all sorts of aerobic activities like Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Cycling, etc. You can also make it your favorite partner when hitting the gym.


This product is perfect for under helmet headbands. In addition to it, the stretchy and breathable material helps to fit the headband on anyone perfectly.

The blend of unique materials provides the All Grip and No-Slip feature. The Sweatband’s stability allows it to sit securely on your head throughout your fitness routine, allowing you to concentrate on maintaining proper posture.

They’re great for indoor and outdoor use, keeping ears warm in the winter and drying sweat away in the summer.

2. The Adidas Training Bands: Alpha Skin for Men

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Product Description

This headband is perfect for working out. The breathable and elastic material comfortably wraps around your head to help you work out tension-free. The headband is ideal for long periods of training and challenging workouts.

The stretchable band fits on any head perfectly. The colors of the headbands are appealing to maintain your cool and fresh summer look. Moreover, you can use this headband to style it with your outfit. It would be a perfect match for white T-shirts and shorts.

Get the right headband for those long, hard workouts today!

3. The Unisun Bandanna Headband for Men

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Product Description

The Unisun Bandana headband quickly absorbs sweat and keeps your head and face dry when exercising, but it also allows you to concentrate on your workout instead of stopping to wipe sweat. Distractions have an impact on how well you work out. So, in unison, you’ll be able to complete the workout trouble-free.

This bandana hairband consists of soft, pleasant cotton fabric that does not sting when worn. The device is lightweight and provides no weight-bearing sensation while doing an activity, allowing your head to remain comfortable.

The exceptional elasticity of the Unisun bandana headband makes it suited for both plump and skinny people. Furthermore, this headband is ideal for plenty of sports, including yoga, running, hiking, cycling, aerobic sports, and other indoor or outdoor activities.

Also, the product comes with an exchange and refund feature, helping to gain more trust from customers.

4. Tooth Comb Headband for Men

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Product Description

A comfortable, non-breakable, smooth surface with no odor that can hold your hair in place without nagging or ripping strands is required. Let me introduce Claire’s tooth comb headband to you.

This hairband is made of Polycarbonate and is easily bent.

The headbands are light and beautifully crafted and can be used for make-up, washing your face, masks, exercise, reading and writing, daily wear, parties, and travel. They are also a perfect gift to friends. They are suitable for both men and women.

These headbands suit men with long hair to keep their hair in place. Multiple teeth can grip tightly, preventing sliding but not damaging hair, and these soft-touch headbands with inner teeth are skinny and comfortable for everyday wear.

This headband is an excellent suggestion for adding a touch of style to your everyday outfits. These headbands are not only light and fashionable but also beautiful and appealing, thanks to their high-end design and soft texture.

5. Vinsguir Sports Headbands

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Product Description

The cooling headbands of this product are stretchy and breathable. It fits almost any head size and shape, effortlessly absorbs sweat and moisture, and evaporates sweats eight times faster than a regular sweatband.

This headband is ultra-thin and light, weighing less than 0.14Kg. Wear it as a bracelet or beneath a hat, football baseball helmet, hard hat, headgear, and visors.

The eminent quality material provides good support and rigidness. While you are following your passion or exercising, the men’s headband stays comfortably on your head to prevent sweat from trickling down your face and into your eyes. Now you can be swifter, quicker, and more present, as the Vinsguir sport headband for men minimizes distractions.

6. The French Fitness Revolution Headband for Men

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Product Description

It’s a multipurpose, unisex headband. The ideal bandana headband for wicking moisture away from the forehead and face. This two-layer fabric provides a dry feeling while absorbing moisture. It is ideal for jogging, yoga, exercise & fitness, gym, gymnastics, basketball, football, volleyball, soccer, tennis, and other outdoor or indoor activities.

The headband’s material is 11 percent elastane and 89 percent polyester. And is a very comfortable fit and breathable feel.

When you wear these headbands for long hair, your vitality and comfort will be at their height. It is a multipurpose headband, maybe a face-washing headband, a spa headband, or a men’s headband for your long hair.

7. Poshei Men’s Headband

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Product Description

The Poshei men’s headband consists of 95 percent polyester and 5% spandex, giving a breathable and extra stretchy appearance. The back of the bandana headband has a sewn-in loop that allows you to put the men’s headband on without tying any knots. It is simple to wear, having no complexities.


This headband can fit on any head, both men and women. The three-pack has three cool shades grey, olive, and black. The Poshei headbands for men with long hair are multifunctional; they’re commonly used for walking, running, hiking, basketball, volleyball, riding, fishing, yoga, and the gym, among other activities.

8. Ignite Ear Warmer Headband

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Product Description

The ignite ear warmer headband is excellent if you want to keep your head warm. You feel relaxed and snug because of the comfort and warmth you achieve. Furthermore, like other suitable headbands, this headband is best to work out. The headband secures your hair in place. Also, it keeps the sweat from dripping down your face.

Even though the material keeps you warm, it is also breathable and stretchy, allowing you to cool down during workouts. The fantastic material is 94 percent polyester and 6 percent spandex, making it so light and comfortable that you won’t even notice you’re wearing it.

You don’t need to worry about the chilly, harsh winds because the Ignite ear warmer headband will keep them warm. The best part is that these headbands are so stylish and trendy that they appear to be a part of your outfit. So, check out these fantastic cozy headbands to save yourself from cold chilly weather. I know you’ll thank me later.

9. The Elastic Thin Sports Headband

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Product Description

Don’t let unruly hair or excessive sweat ruin your workout! They are incredibly effective despite their thin size. They are ideal headbands for long hair for men, women’s sports headbands, or workout headbands. The fabric will wick sweat off your face, and the stretchy fabric will keep you in place.

These sporty headbands withstand the most demanding sports and activities. The elastic headbands are kept in place by a silicone grip strip on the inside of the band. Soccer, running, tennis, yoga, and other workouts benefit significantly from this product.

Don’t be deceived by the small, thin design. These headbands consist of moisture-wicking fabric, which absorbs and wicks away sweat.


These best men’s headbands for long hair play several roles. Each of the headbands was very stylish and had its distinct features. Furthermore, despite their exceptional appearance, they are excellent for keeping your hair out of your face. We considered including athletic headbands to wick sweat away from the face while compiling the list.

They are available for purchase online and would look great with any outfit, whether you want a sassy, bad-boy look or an energetic sportsman look. These headbands would be suitable for any theme.

So, stop missing out on these amazing men’s headbands for long hair, and make sure to check these headbands out and add them to your carts as soon as possible.

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