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About NoLimitsTiming

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What Do We Do?

As we age, and throughout life, we get beat up and start to development various ailments. I know at 38 this is certainly happening to me. There are a lot of products, tips, and tricks available today to really maximize our ability to take on exercise and stay healthy and feeling good late into life.

How Do We Do Our Reviews?

Many of the products we review we have personally used or tested out. Some we haven’t. If we don’t have first hand experience with the product, we spend hours doing research and filter what we learn through our own filters of how things work.

Our team is active in Reddit forums and subscribe to multiple other places of information to help us make an informed recommendation. This includes manufacturers websites, review sites, Amazon, etc.

We pound the pavement and do the leg work so you don’t have to. And then, we try to serve it up in a fun, easy-to-read location (here!)

Our goal is to highlight some of those options. Let us know what you think on our contact page and feel free to read through our review articles or anything else that strikes your fancy!

Meet The Team

Hello – I’m Jeff. I run NoLimitsTiming. I decided to start this site because , at age 38, I got into the best shape of my life despite the challenges that come with exercise as you get busier and older. A big part of that has been running, and I wanted to help others get good, solid, scientifically-sourced information about running and exercising.

Here at NoLimitsTiming, we strive to help you in your pursuit of fitness through running!

Jeffrey Nelson – Owner

Hello, my name is Jeff. I’m the owner.

I’m an internet entrepreneur who loves making sites on topics I’m passionate about. Fitness happens to be one of those topics. I’m the website owner, but most of our content comes from other writers who are just as passionate as me about running and fitness.

Jeffrey Nelson

Emily Duane – Writer

Emily is an avid runner who has tackled distances from 5k to marathons. She volunteers at races whenever possible, and loves to encourage newbies to explore running.

Jeffrey Nelson

As the owner of a growing content-writing business in the outdoor industry, Emily’s driving force is to educate, entertain and break down real and perceived barriers to entry to make the outdoors a welcoming and inclusive place for all to enjoy.

In addition to her writing business, Emily is also a course coordinator for All-Out Multicourse Productions, a company based on the Front Range of Colorado, and an outfitter for Fleet Feet (formerly Boulder Running Company). Since 2018, she has maintained her RRCA Level I Certified Running Coach credential to be a more informed member of the running community when participating in conversations about training. In short, she really likes all things running.