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Affiliate Disclosure

This site uses links called affiliate links to help found our research and content that we provide. Paying writers and managing the whole process at websites like ours can be a chore, and expensive, so we try to help supplement it any way that we can.

What Is An Affiliate Link?

An affiliate link is the same as a regular link, however there is a tracking code place into the link that lets the affiliate (Amazon, for example) know which website the person came from. If that person then purchases something, some form of compensation is given to the referring website.

As an Amazon Associate, our site earns money from qualifying purchases. This costs nothing to the user, and ultimately doesn’t matter, but it is good practice to let the user know.

The affiliate commission does not in any way affect our opinions or judgement. Commission is earned for purchases regardless of what they are – so there is almost no incentive to recommend certain products over others.

We wanted to be upfront and let you know about the links. Thank you for reading our content – we appreciate it!

NoLimitsTiming Team