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Are Jogger Strollers Good for Everyday Use?

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There is nothing more annoying than having multiple products for the same use. Trying to keep everything straight gets tiring, and you’re bound to make a mistake. But what about strollers? Can you get by with just one? Are jogger strollers good for everyday use?

are jogger strollers good for everyday use?

This is one area people can take advantage of downsizing to just one item: strollers. Joggers can be great for everyday use as long as certain concessions are made. There are some drawbacks, primarily in weight and size, but there are a lot of good to.

When weighing the pros and cons of using a jogger every day, it’s important to really dig into the details. That’s what we are here to do today. Let’s get started.

Are Jogger Strollers Good for Everyday Use?

The three things that make a jogger stroller good for everyday use are versatility, reducing the need to plan, and better tires to handle surprises. The heavier-duty construction and larger wheels reduce the need to plan for the terrain and make them more versatile in general.

This is especially helpful when doing things that are out of the ordinary. Utilizing a jogger stroller for everyday duty takes the guess work and planning out of the mix. No more thinking about what you’re going to do or what the terrain will be like. All of these points apply to any one of the strollers on our list of the best double jogging strollers for infants and toddlers as well.

Versatile – No Need To Switch Strollers Out

You also don’t have to think about whether or not you are going to be active on your trip. Whether you are heading to the park for your daily run or to the grocery store for some supplies, only one stroller is needed.

You can even leave it in the car – a big benefit by not having to constantly unload and load the appropriate stroller. Your back and the other 30 things you are always carrying will thank you.

There is nothing worse than getting to the park and realizing you accidentally brought the regular stroller instead of the jogger. It’s decision time; do you go back and get it, wasting valuable time and putting your run at risk, or do you just bite the bullet and run with the regular stroller. From this standpoint, it’s a resounding yes to the question, “Are jogger strollers good for everyday use?”


Nothing is cheap these days, and strollers are no exception. Especially if you have to buy two: a regular stroller for the day-to-day and a jogging stroller to support your running hobby. Nobody should have to decide between their passion and their wallet!

Enter the jogging stroller. Using a jogging stroller every day removes the need to purchase, maintain, and ultimately throw away (or sell) two strollers. This will help reduce the strain on your wallet as much as your back from lugging around two strollers.

Features and Durability

Jogging strollers nowadays come with all of the bells and whistles of regular strollers. Most have canopies, the option to recline, large underneath storage for babies things and cupholders to help keep the parents organized when out and about.

jogging with a stroller

The materials can often be slightly more robust as well. Joggers are largely made of polyester which stands up great to the elements, like water and dirt, but will breakdown overtime in the sunlight. This is no different than any other stroller, but one thing to note.

Another benefit is the wheels will often hold up better since they are much larger and more robust than a strollers small, plastic wheels.

No Planning Needed

Gone are the days of thinking “Which stroller do we need to bring?” every time you get ready to go somewhere. While not a huge deal, it can be annoying. It’s even more annoying when you get to where you’re going and realize you haven’t brought the right stroller.

Having two of anything is always a frustration for me. Jogging strollers can be a bit more expensive and slightly bigger, but there isn’t anything they can’t tackle. Rarely will you be thinking, “Man, I wish we would have brought the regular stroller today!” On the flip side, that thought will cross your mind more often than not the other way.

This can open the door to more spontaneous adventures as well. Say you’re at a festival downtown and you the mood strikes to go for a quick run or walk around a bit more off the beaten path. Instead of thinking about the lackluster performance of your regular stroller, you will be ready to rock and roll. Again, not a world changer, but it is a possible scenario.

Jogging Strollers Have Larger, More Stable Tires

The tires on a jogging stroller are bigger and filled with air instead of the small, plastic caster-style wheels on a regular stroller. This allows them to traverse any terrain much more easily. They are more stable and safer when on any sort of challenging surface.

They are like the lifted truck of the stroller world; easily able to head off-road and make some memories, but not as fuel efficient.

This can be a huge benefit, however. It can be a real drag to arrive at an event only to realize you have to park 1/4 mile away and it’s a gravel parking lot. Someone generally ends up carrying the child and someone else the stroller.

With a jogging stroller, that isn’t an issue! They can tackle gravel, sand, grass, uneven concrete, or just about any other terrain just as easily as the smooth pavement outside your front door.

Even on Smoother Terrain There Are Benefits

Running woman with baby stroller

Say goodbye to walking with a stroller only to have it suddenly come to a complete stop due to a small crack in a driveway or sidewalk. This doesn’t happen with a jogger stroller. That jarring stop is annoying for parents and children alike. Any other obstacle, like a rock or twig, can cause the same effect.

Due to their larger, and generally air-filled tires, jogging strollers can traverse the most treacherous terrain without issue. They also generally have some sort of a suspension system on top of those big, squishy tires making it a perfect ride for baby. It’s much harder to run with a regular stroller than a jogging stroller.

Wrap It Up: Are Jogger Strollers Good for Everyday Use?

My answer is yes. The versatility alone is enough of a reason to want to ditch the everyday stroller and go for the jogger. Not having to constantly plan out where you’re going and what terrain you may encounter is a huge benefit. Also, the better quality and larger wheels really make it a no brainer in the long run.

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