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Are Jogging Strollers Worth it? The Pros and Cons

are jogging strollers worth it

As a parent, it is often difficult to make time for any type of exercise, even running. You usually have to squeeze it in anywhere you can in your daily schedule. Finding time often means getting up early to run or maybe sneak in some activity during nap time. However, there might be a better way that does not require you to wake up even earlier. How does a jogging stroller enter into the mix? Are jogging strollers worth it? Keep reading.

For an active parents, equipment that allows them to balance exercise and caring for their children can be life changing. This equipment may include something as simple as a jogging stroller. A jogging stroller is a piece of equipment for you to use while running, but also functional to keep your kids safe. 

You could technically run with any type of stroller, but running with a regular stroller isn’t safe. This article will show you all the reasons why you should consider a jogging stroller. They are attractive, sporty, and can help you navigate rugged terrain. There are several key differences between a regular stroller and a jogging stroller that make a jogger the way to go for active parents. Continue reading to find out more about the good and the bad about jogging strollers. 

Are Jogging Strollers Worth It?

There are many benefits to using a jogging stroller. While they are more expensive than a traditional stroller, they pay for themselves in comfort and ease of use. In addition, jogging strollers allow you to go for a run anywhere, on any terrain, with your children in tow all while keeping them safe.

Most importantly, a jogging stroller allows you to remain active even after having children. It can help you stay motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle even once you have children. Since they have some unique features like a fixed front wheel, a running stroller is meant to be taken off-road, so there is no path you cannot take on. You and your child can explore new areas together. And don’t worry, if you have more than one child, we have a list of the best double jogging strollers for your future adventures!

A jogging stroller can help you get back into shape after having your baby. With a jogging stroller, you and your baby are spending time together while you are staying in shape. These strollers are flexible for use during walking or jogging. In addition, you can find a stroller that allows you to participate in multiple activities, which helps to make it more cost effective. You also want to find a stroller that fits your lifestyle, such as looking for a double jogging stroller fit through doorways. 

Why Do You Need Jogger Stroller? 

When considering a jogging stroller, you will find that they are incredibly similar to a traditional stroller. Both strollers have reclining seats, a canopy to protect your child from the sun, and a storage area to keep all the items you may need during your trip.

However, there are some distinct differences between the two that are strong reasons for considering a jogging stroller. 

The biggest reason to help you understand when wondering are jogging strollers worth it is the wheels. The three rubber wheels on a jogging stroller are most often filled with air to give the smoothest ride. The front wheel locks into place while you are running to help you maintain control of the stroller at a faster pace. Then, when needed, you can unlock it to maneuver around bends and turns.

Woman jogging with baby in stroller

When wondering can you use a double jogging stroller with one child, consider some other must haves that a jogging stroller provides you. They have an adjustable handle that allows you to put it in a place that is comfortable during fast paced movement.

Jogging strollers also have a safety strap that goes around your wrist in case you accidentally lose your grip on the handlebar. These joggers have additional suspension to help you train on various surfaces, and some models have a handbrake to handle hilly terrain more comfortably.

Is Running With a Jogging Stroller a Good Workout? 

When using a jogging stroller, it adds extra work to your run because it causes your heart rate to increase, lactate concentration, and a higher level of exertion. In addition to a stroller making the actual workout harder, you have to concentrate on what is around you so you can avoid obstacles that might be in the way of your stroller.

You can experiment with different pushing techniques to see which causes more exertion. 

When you run with a stroller, it allows you to get used to running with a heavier load making it easier and faster to run without a stroller. No matter how slow you run with a stroller, even if it is slower than your typical pace, you can still get an excellent workout. This improved workout is because even when you are running slower, you still end up working harder

When thinking about is running with a stroller harder, you should know that not allows does it feel harder, but it is more challenging. Running with a stroller also burns more calories, which can help mothers get back to their weight before the baby is born.

Tip: When using both hands while running with a stroller, you can burn 5% more calories. When you use the push and chase technique, you can burn 8% more calories.  


If you are interested in finding a way to walk, jog, or run with your child, a jogging stroller is an excellent option for you to consider. A jogging stroller provides you the flexibility to go anywhere you want without worrying about your and your child’s comfort on the most rugged terrain. You can also use your jogging stroller for trips inside, such as to the grocery store or mall.

When wondering are jogging strollers worth it, you should consider more than just the price of the stroller, as these strollers are slightly more expensive. However, if you’re an avid runner or looking for a safe way to exercise with your child, then a running stroller is definitely worth it. 

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