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The 9 Best Double Jogging Strollers for Infants and Toddler Adventures

Best Double Jogging Stroller for Infants and Toddler Adventures

Losing excess weight from pregnancy can be hard. Very hard. One great way to do just that is by jogging and running. But what about the new baby and their older brothers and sisters? Bring them with! We break down the best double jogging stroller for infants and toddler aged kids so you can bring the pack on the run with you.

In these situations, parents who choose to jog to get healthier need a little bit of help. But it is possible to run and take care of the young ones simultaneously. Even if you have two, it’s no big deal.

Here’s the deal. After days of in-depth research, we have shortlisted the best jogging strollers for infants and toddlers.

Our Top 3 Best Double Jogging Stroller for Infants and Toddler Adventures

Before heading to our detailed review, here’s our top 3 picks for Best Double Jogging Stroller for Infants and Toddler Adventures

Important Considerations When Buying a Double Jogging Stroller

Purchasing a good jogging stroller can bring adventures to you and your toddler’s life. However, if you don’t consider the most important features of buying the correct jogging stroller, you might end up with a jogging stroller’s tires jammed, and that it is exhausting. Running with a stroller is harder, but we wrote about 7 ways to make it easier to run with a stroller here.

The double jogging stroller’s design scope is to exercise while looking after two children simultaneously. The tires of the strollers are made from air-filled rubber tires to resist hurdles and provide your infant a smooth ride.

Moreover, the strollers come with snack trays, cup holders, brakes, sunshades, parenting trays, etc. These would prove how much this stroller makes your life easier. So, here is a list of features that you must investigate before buying a double jogging stroller.

It’s important to get an actual jogging stroller as well. Many people think you can run with a regular stroller, but honestly it isn’t safe. Without a fixed front wheel and some other nice-to-haves, running with a regular stroller can be an issue. Food for thought.

Seat Comfort

You can’t have the best double stroller for your child if the seat isn’t comfortable. The seat comfort is one of the essential parts of a jogging stroller. A stroller with a comfortable seat will allow your children to relax as you run miles with them. Your child would be sleeping or enjoying the weather with you. 

Hard seats may irritate your children and cause them to feel discomfort and pain. They may bawl their eyes out if the seating is not plushy and soft as their bed. So, before purchasing, make sure to buy double strollers with the comfiest and breathable seating.

Safety Belts

We all prioritize safety above everything. You may face obstacles and stumbling blocks on your way. The bumps in the road might cause you to lose your balance as you push the stroller. It may be a red flag to protect your child from falling. Always look out for strollers having firm safety belts that can protect your children from falling.

They would solely protect your child as you enjoy the outdoor adventures with your children.

The Accessibility of The Stroller

Do you have to carry around the required stuff like feeder, baby food, and cotton wipes in your hand? Despite having a stroller, you might need to change your stroller if this is your daily situation.

The stroller’s accessibility is the most vital aspect of its design. The modern strollers have unique features that make your life easy and feasible. They come with cup holders, tray holders, shades, and extra space to keep everything required. So, make sure to look into the organizing ability of your stroller before you buy it.

Brakes of The Strollers

The break of the stroller pays a huge in the safety of your children. You all might know that danger doesn’t come with a notice. To be on the safe side, you always need to be cautious about the breaks of your strollers.

The breaks during the stroll work perfectly to resist the ground when need them. On top of it, it would keep your child safe. So, as soon as you get a hint of hitting some obstacle or object, make sure to pull the breaks of your jogging stroller.

Therefore, always look for strollers having active breaks for your and your children’s safety.

Why Do You Need to Buy a Double Jogging Stroller?

mother jogging with an infant in the stroller

When you have two children or twins, life gets inflexible. You cannot go out with both while carrying them barehanded. There will always be a necessity for a stroller to support your children.

A regular stroller will suffice if you walk around the mall or on a smooth payment. On the other hand, a jogging stroller is essential if you want to run or jog on rocky sidewalks, dirt roads, or other rough terrains. The tiers of the jogging stroller design cope with these situations.

And for the cherry on top! The double jogging stroller will support two children. You will now be able to take both of your children for a jog together. Moreover, the sunshades of the stroller will protect your children from the harmful rays of the sun. The seat belts will keep them safe and sound.

The Top Double Stroller for Children

After testing various strollers, we’ve jotted down a list of top picks of double jogging strollers for infants and toddlers. 

1. Bob Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie

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Product Description

This BOB premium model is suitable for infants. It is very compatible with infants’ car seats. The exceptional tires of the product are perfect for riding on hurdles or bumpy roads. Moreover, you can lock the front wheel to increase stability and reduce upper-body strain when exercising.

Each seat has its recline and giant sunshade, allowing you to cater to each child’s specific needs. A wide plastic window of the stroller allows you to see your children clearly, while the UV protective material shields them from the sun.

This stroller unit is narrow enough for many indoor locations at 30 inches wide. While it’s intended to get you moving, you may also use it regularly.

Plenty of customizable features will let you and your youngster feel at ease. The handlebars easily adjust to nine various positions and orientations to accommodate people.

An easy-to-use five-point harness that doesn’t require rethreading is ideal. Your children will appreciate the padded straps and cushioned, ventilated seats. The flat inclination of the stroller makes it an ideal place to nap. Furthermore, a car seat connector allows you to secure your newborn car seat. As a result, the stroller is a long-term investment to enjoy the best moments with your toddlers.

2. Thule Urban Glide 2 Double Jogging Stroller

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Product Description

The Thule Double Jogging Stroller is the most incredible double jogging stroller for you and your children to use while out and about. With this responsive jogging stroller, you can take both of your children out jogging or on a regular outing. Its wide air-filled wheels and rear axle allow you additional control over the stroller when running.

It has a zippered meshed canopy that provides maximum shade and protection and ample airflow for your children. Thanks to the mesh shade, you can also watch your toddler.

The canopy and wheels have luminous features that help you find the stroller even in the dark.

Like other double jogging strollers, it has a five-point harness to restrain your child at the most rigid parts of their body, the shoulders and hips. In case of a collision or accident, the car seat harness transfers the crash forces to these rigid points only and into the seat giving your baby protection.

Moreover, it also has adjustable handlebars to direct the stroller in the right direction effortlessly. The road-resisting rigid handbrakes make it feasible to stop the stroller whenever you want. The stunning storage-friendly design enables you to store the required stuff. In addition to it, the product’s architecture increases the accessibility of the stroller.

3. Joovy Zoom X2 Twin Double Jogging Stroller

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Product Description

This jogging stroller allows you to go the additional mile because of its extra-large wheels that absorb force well and its slim design, which improves the range of movement.

It has a large storage basket that can hold up to 15 lbs, making it ideal for day trips or long hikes. Padded seats provide comfort for your children, and the 5-point harness provides you with a sense of security while you enjoy your jog.

The color and finesse of the product are very appealing and eye-catching, making it the only product with such a distinct style. Your children’s skin is delicate. The children need protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. So, the Joovy Zoom X2 strollers, with their wide sunshades, play a significant role in protecting your child from the sun’s rays.

4. Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double Jogger

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Product Description

This model possesses two independent adjustable canopies, making it comfortable and functional. They have full ventilation and have quick glimpse windows, allowing you to keep an eye on your children from time to time. A reclining seat provides comfort for your children and allows them to take naps while riding.

A steering system helps to absorb bumps, and makes you ride stroller more comfortably. The air-filled wheels are less than 17 inches wide in the back and 13 inches wide in the front. The back wheels possesses a hand brake, which is helpful for uneven terrain and improves control.

Say goodbye to unfortunate stroller-folding situations. It only takes one step to glide and prepare your stroller for in-storage capacity within this model. The process is quick and feasible, but it also results in a flat fold that works well in small spaces.

The handbrake provides you with enough control over the speed while running without requiring you to break stride. This feature is helpful if you intend to use your stroller on vast bumpy roads and areas.

Moreover, the canopy colors include a light-colored panel that reflects light and improves visibility. The material’s vented windows allow your children to get plenty of fresh air while also allowing you to keep an eye on them.

5. Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Stroller

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Product Description

This model is a sturdy and practical jogger suitable for exercise and daily use.

Sixteen-inch pressurized wheels in the rear and a 12-inch wheel in the front are well-suited for diverse terrains—the front-wheel locks to increase stability during more vigorous activity and make steering easier. The rear wheels have a simple foot-activated brake system.

This stroller is recommended for children who are at least six months old, weigh less than 50 pounds, and are no taller than 42 inches. Plenty of storage for keys, di, and phones, spots for beverages, and exceptional maneuverability make this a stroller capable of being used daily. The design may be more comprehensive than some doorways and passages, but it’s easy to steer and navigate.

Reclining seats are so comfortable that it becomes necessary for catching naps on the go. The reclining seating is adjustable through the back of the stroller, enabling you to have more options to adjust. 

This model collapses for easy storage with a two-finger trigger pull. The mechanism of the stroller is so effective that when the stroller moves, a latch snaps into place to keep it folded. While the fold isn’t particularly compact, twisting the front wheel to the side results in a flatter fold.

The sunshade’s large accordion-style structure is fully adjustable. A mesh window lets you keep an eye on your children every time. An all-weather covering can be pulled over the mesh or rolled up and secured for additional ventilation when necessary.

6.  Instep Safari Double Stroller

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Product Description

The InStep Safari Double Jogging Stroller, like any average stroller, comes with a five-point harness for your children’s safety. The fantastic canopy is the stroller’s most crucial feature. The canopy provides complete coverage to provide maximum protection from the sun’s rays, rain, and other inclement weather.

Furthermore, each seat has its canopy, allowing you to adjust it for your tiny baby while allowing your toddler to sit freely with comfort and enjoy himself. The InStep Double Stroller allows you to lock the front wheel to avoid swiveling and empowers you to halt the movement of the rear wheels through its dual trigger mechanism.

Hence, you can quickly stop its movement whenever you want without letting the stroller move without your will.

7. Schwinn Turismo Double Jogging Stroller

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Product Description

When you want to jog with your twins, the Schwinn Turismo Double Jogging Stroller is one of the best jogging strollers. The design of the strollers is best for jogging maneuverability. The one-of-a-kind sleek design easily fits into doorways and passageways.

When going out on sunny days, the stroller comes with two individual canopies that provide the ideal shelter. The air-filled tires absorb shock from bumpy and obstacle-filled roads, giving your child a smooth feather-like ride. Furthermore, the wheels reduce friction, making pushing force light and effortless.

These strollers have a very bright and eye-catching design and color. These soft and breathable seats would be ideal for the twinnies. The stroller’s reclined position makes it an ideal place for children to nap.

The stroller is well-organized and has several storage compartments. The sack-like bottom can hold almost all your baby’s essentials. Furthermore, the stroller includes parent and child trays to keep the essential food item upright.

The active seat belts keep your children safely in place. In addition, the five-point harness adds an extra layer of security and safety for your children. The product’s most surprising feature is that it includes a high-quality inbound MP3 speaker. You and your kids can enjoy the smooth melodies of your favorite songs on your way to adventure. Isn’t that amazing?

8. Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller

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Product Description

Like all good strollers, this stroller has a five-point harness to ensure your child’s safety. The stroller’s design is compact, allowing it to take up less space. The single-touch folding button allows you to fold the stroller when necessary effortlessly. Just push the button slightly, and you are good to go!

It has individual canopies that provide excellent shade on hot summer days. Furthermore, the canopies have cute little peek-a-boo windows. You’ll be able to observe your children through them. Besides that, the canopies are made of breathable material, allowing your children to relax and breathe during the journey. Your child will feel sleepy as soon as he snugs into the stroller.

It also includes a bottom storage basket for storing necessary items for your journey. Moms can use this basket to carry essential items such as hand sanitizers, toys, wipes, snacks, and nappies.

When crossing a bumpy or obstacle-filled road, the air-filled suspension tires provide comfort and a smooth ride. Furthermore, the reclined seats allow your child to relax and take naps as required.

Because of the seat belts and five-point harness, you can rest assured that your children are in good hands. The stroller’s surprising feature is that it is so lightweight that pushing it while jogging requires almost no effort.

9. Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller

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Product Description

Unlike other strollers, the Baby trend navigator double jogger stroller has four wheels rather than three. To increase your stroller’s stability and reduce the possibility of it tipping over. You can lock the front swivel wheels. The parents can lock it forward while exercising, such as fast walking, jogging, or hiking over rough terrain.

It has a large storage basket to keep your baby’s essentials while you go for a long jog. It also has pneumatic air-filled bicycle wheels to provide a smooth and comfortable ride as you cross uneven or bumpy roads.

The adjustable, wide-shaded canopies provide the ideal shade for your children. 

Its reclined seating makes it the best jogging stroller for infants and toddlers. These breathable soft cushioned seats allow your child to lay down comfortably. The list of the best features does not end here! It also has an MP3 speaker plug-in so that you can listen to a neutral stereo.

The stroller also includes a parent and two individual child trays, which are great for storing food. The trays also have two cupholders for your baby’s feeder and drinks. Moreover, the five-point harness and firm seat belts ensure your child’s safety as you travel.

Safety Tips For Traveling or Exercising With The Double Jogging Strollers

  • Stay close at all times. Don’t leave your baby stroller unattended. Always ensure that someone is watching over your babies.
  • The parents should handle toys with caution. If you like to hang toys from a stroller bumper bar to keep your baby entertained, make sure the toys sit securely fastened.
  • Fasten your seat belts before you start your journey. When taking your baby on a stroller ride, always buckle their harness and seat belt.
  • Apply your brakes. When you come to a complete stop, use your stroller brakes. Never Park your jogging stroller on an inclined surface.
  • Store your belongings properly. Do not hang a bag or stuff from the stroller’s handlebars, as this can cause the stroller to topple over.
  • When folding, use caution. Your babies’ tiny fingers can get caught in the stroller’s axes, so keep your baby’s fingers away from the stroller while you fold and unfold it. Check that the stroller is the opening before placing your child in it.

Which Is the Best Jogging Stroller for Infants and Toddler Aged Kids?

baby stroller for infants and toddlers

After listing down the top best double jogging strollers for infants and toddlers, it is your job to decide which one suits you the best. All the strollers included in the list were affordable and would match your lifestyle. 

From the exquisite BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie to the compact Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller, you can pick any of them as the decision is solely yours. We can assure you that these products were highly ranked in the review sections by the customers. You can pick what fits your requirements the best.

Moreover, for the in-depth research of the product, we have included all the qualities of these double jogging strollers. You can read the detailed description of the products to purchase the best double jogging stroller for your infants and toddlers.


After days of research and testing, we’ve put together the list of the best double jogging stroller for infants and toddler aged kids for you. So, make sure to purchase these double jogging strollers for your children. It would bring adventures and excitement to you and your children’s life. Hurry! And order now; otherwise, the double jogging stroller might run out of stock.

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