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Can You Run With a Regular Stroller?

Can you run with a regular stroller?

Moms know that not all strollers are the same. There are double strollers, full-sized strollers, travel strollers, running strollers, and numerous other types. But, can you run with a regular stroller? It isn’t recommended. Choosing the right stroller for your family may be trickier than it seems, as some strollers are for specific terrain or tasks. 

There are several reasons why experts do not recommend running with a regular stroller. Parents need a designated jogging stroller to keep runs safe and comfortable for themselves and their babies. For one, running with a stroller is harder to start with, so why make it more difficult by using the wrong type?

What’s the Difference Between a Jogging Stroller and A Regular Stroller?

There are several differences between regular strollers and jogging strollers. A significant difference is that jogging strollers include features to keep runners and their babies safe. These strollers can maintain control when running at various paces. 

The following are several key characteristics of running strollers:

  • Manufacturers design jogging strollers to carry kids at least 6 months or older. Running with a younger child in a stroller can cause serious injuries. 
  • A jogging stroller features a fixed front wheel for superior control.
  • The stroller is heavier to promote control and stability.
  • A running stroller typically has larger wheels to glide over cracks or imperfections in the running surface.
  • Running strollers have steering mechanisms on the handlebars and braking systems.
  • A running stroller has a suspension designed for bumps and uneven terrain. 

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So.. Can You Run With a Regular Stroller?

No. Regular strollers are specifically for walking with a baby, and a running stroller can be for walking, power walking, or running.

The following are several key characteristics of traditional strollers:

  • Traditional strollers are more lightweight to make them easier to maneuver, fold, and transport. 
  • Regular strollers have multiple reclining positions that allow a baby to lay flat or nearly flat.
  • Traditional strollers have smaller wheels to use less storage space.
  • Standard strollers have swiveling wheels that allow more abrupt and precise turns.  

Tip: All types of strollers have advantages and disadvantages. Runners will want to purchase a jogging stroller but may also want a traditional stroller for short walks, shopping, or traveling. Some jogging strollers come with an additional swivel wheel and travel kit that make them more functional for casual use.

Do I Really Need a Jogging Stroller?

The answer is yes. A jogging stroller is specifically for individuals who want to run with their babies or toddlers. Jogging with a regular stroller can be unsafe for you and your baby. 

Safety First

Jogging strollers are for running with children over the age of 6 months. They don’t recline as not to be used for small children who may experience life-changing injuries due to too much movement on uneven surfaces.

Traditional strollers do not function well or maintain a constant speed on rough roads, dirt paths, or gravel. The small wheels can get stuck in crevices and send you and your little one to the ground. Similarly, the front wheel cannot be locked, so it can turn suddenly without notice. This can also cause injuries for yourself and the baby.

Regular strollers are not for moving at high speeds, so they lack numerous safety features that jogging strollers have. Brakes, wrist straps, and other safeguards keep the runner and baby safe in case the jogger loses control, falls, or experiences an emergency.

A Smoother Ride

What’s the difference between a jogging stroller and a regular stroller? An uncomfortable baby means a crying baby, and that will bring your run to a screeching halt. Jogging strollers offer a variety of features to keep your little one comfortable, including suspension, larger wheels, and air or foam-filled tires. 

Can you run with a regular stroller? Technically so, but it is highly discouraged.

A Better Workout

Running woman with baby stroller enjoying summer in park

A study from Seattle Pacific University showed that pushing a stroller with two hands while running burned 5 percent more calories than without a stroller. Those who pushed the stroller with one hand saw a 6 percent increase in calories burned, and those who used the push-and-chase method burned 8 percent more calories. 

Research also showed that individuals who ran slower with a stroller burned the same amount of calories as when they ran at a faster pace without a stroller. 

What Makes a Stroller a Jogging Stroller?

Jogging strollers come in numerous setups to accommodate different types of runners. There are strollers made for occasional joggers who also want to use the stroller every day, and there are jogging strollers made for advanced runners and professionals. 

The most significant difference between a regular stroller and a jogging stroller is the wheel setup. Most jogging strollers feature one fixed wheel in front and two in the rear. The wheels are usually made of rubber and filled with air to provide the most comfortable ride on all surfaces, including rough roads. A suspension system is another key characteristic of a jogging stroller. 

How Do You Run With a Jogging Stroller?

Young mom is running with stroller on the beach

Running with a jogging stroller burns more calories because it’s more strenuous. However, it’s not impossible and can help you reach your post-pregnancy weight-loss goals. 

It’s essential to hold off on running until your doctor approves. Once you’ve received approval, take several long walks with the stroller to get a feel for its weight, how it turns, and how your child reacts. Start slow and progress from a walk to a jog, then a run. 

There are several tips every parent or caregiver should know when running with a jogging stroller.

  • Secure the child in the stroller with straps tight against his chest. The goal is to restrict bouncing when running on uneven surfaces.
  •  Running with one hand on the stroller and alternating the hand on the stroller every 30 seconds is one of the safest ways to run with a jogging stroller. Continuously using both hands can cause strain on the low- and mid-back. 
  • Jogging strollers require runners with long legs to shorten their stride.
  • Engage the core to stay upright. Leaning too far forward is common when running with a jogging stroller, and this can cause poor posture or back pain.
  • Check on the child often. Entertain them by pointing out wildlife or sights, and choose points to stop for water, a snack, or playtime. 

People asking the question “can you run with a regular stroller” are on the right track. It would make sense, logically, that an entire class of strollers (jogging strollers) wouldn’t be created it regular strollers were sufficient. Make sure to take safety into consideration and get yourself a quality jogging stroller for running.

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