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Running Milestones Every Runner Should Aim For

Running Milestones Every Runner Should Aim For

Losing passion to move forward can happen to any runner. What better way to motivate yourself again than completing a new achievement in your journey? There are many running milestones every runner should aim for at some point in their running career.

Achieving running milestones can be an extremely satisfying feeling. It re-ignites your passion and adds another reason for you to run further.

“In running, it doesn’t matter whether you come in first, in the middle of the pack, or last. You can say, ‘I have finished.’ There is a lot of satisfaction in that.”

–Fred Lebow

It’s always a rewarding moment that makes you believe the effort you made to achieve this milestone was worth it! In this article, we’ll tell you all you need to know about running milestones. Stick around!

Why Setting Running Milestones Can Make You a Better Runner?

“People throw stones at you and you convert them into milestones.”

–Sachin Tendulkar

Reaching a new milestone makes you feel rewarded for all your efforts, you feel accomplished, and most importantly, you feel happy!

You can even feel the dopamine rushing through you! This is due to the reward system in your brain; your brain rewards you for making this achievement. Well, congrats!

Tip: You should always keep a record of the milestones you achieved, taking a picture after completing a milestone is a great idea!

You’ll look back at those pictures one day when you’re lacking motivation and they will re-ignite your passion and fill you with energy once more!

What Are the Most Popular Running Milestones Every Runner Should Aim For?

Athlete running with smoke

There are many popular running milestones to aim for. Setting an unreasonable goal to achieve can be frustrating. You should always aim low at first.

Finishing Your First 5K

Your first 5k is a big milestone on your path. It’s a tough challenge, especially for novice runners. It requires a lot of preparation; you should consider setting a training schedule before your first 5k. Sometimes, simply being able to run something like a 5k without stopping is a win.

After completing this milestone, you can advance to harder milestones:

  1. Finishing your first 10k
  2. Finishing your first half-marathon
  3. Finishing your first marathon

Your First Finisher’s Medal From a Race

Running a race from start to finish line will earn you a medal, even if you were the last contestant to finish. It’s a great accomplishment and a big step in any runner’s journey.

Your First Injury

While not being a milestone to aim for, getting your first injury might happen to any runner.

Some common injuries happen among runners, and it’s okay to get injured and need to rest from running for a while to recover. The important part is to get up again and continue your journey! Unfortunately, injuries are a part of the sport. We have several articles on the aches and pains that are common in running.

“Fall down seven times, get up eight.”

–Naoki Higashida

Finish a Race in First Place

man crossing the finish line in a race in first place

It’s considered the most motivating milestone to achieve, and the most satisfactory if you’re a competitive person. Finishing first in a race is a feeling like no other, it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a professional athlete, everybody loves to win!

Joining a Running Club

A running club is a good opportunity to meet new people who have the same love for running just like you.

You get to share experiences; maybe someone will tell you about a beautiful trail you didn’t know about!

Additionally, it’s motivating to run with other people. Whenever you think you’re tired and want to stop and you see your fellow runners still going, it’s always a push for you to continue.

Your First Negative Split

A negative split is a strategy to purposely start the race at a slower pace, and speed up halfway through the race.

It can be tough to get used to; it requires a lot of endurance and pushing to your limits.

Run in Rainy Weather

Some runners impatiently wait for rainy days to go out and run. As strange as it might sound, running in the rain is a pleasant experience for many people.

It brings a cleansing and refreshing feeling to them, and it’s considered safe if the weather isn’t extreme.

Your First Month of Consecutive Daily Running

Being able to run every day for 30 days straight is a big challenge that requires a lot of self-discipline.

To keep running through bad moods and bad weather is a tough task. This milestone means you’re committed to becoming a better runner!

Watch the Sunrise During a Run

You’ll need to wake up early for that and it’s the hardest part. Running in the early morning is a pleasant experience that every runner should try at least once. You’ll feel energized throughout your day.

First Time Feeling Runner’s High

Some consider it a myth, while others are addicted to it. A runner’s high is a feeling of great relaxation and euphoria that can be pleasant enough to make the pain in your muscles unnoticed.

Running a Trail for the First Time

It’s an opportunity to bond with nature, away from the same old roads you run through every day.

It’s an experience worth trying for any runner, and definitely a running milestone to aim toward.

Your First Run for a Cause

Running for charity is a win-win situation, you raise money for a cause, you get to race with purpose, and you meet other fellow runners.

In Conclusion

milestone achievers

Have you completed any of these running milestones every runner should aim for? If yes, great! If not, why not? Get started today.

Setting milestones can make your progress a fun motivating experience, who doesn’t like a push every now and then? Always aim low at first; smaller milestones shouldn’t be skipped. Keep track of your milestones, there’s nothing more motivating than seeing how far you’ve progressed.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question going through your mind, we’ve made this list with the most asked questions regarding running milestones:

How to Keep Track of My Running Progress?

Using a smartwatch and apps like Strava, Adidas Runtastic, or MapMyRun can help you keep track of all the milestones you’ve achieved.

Is the First Mile Considered a Milestone?

The first mile is always the hardest! Your first mile is a milestone you should be proud of.

Should I celebrate my running milestones?

Why not? You worked hard enough to achieve that milestone. You deserve a celebration! You can even reward yourself with something you love.

How Long Can I Rest After a Milestone Run?

It depends on the milestone and your physical state after finishing it. In most cases one to two days of rest is fine, but it’s okay if you need more rest to recover.

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