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Why Do Jogging Strollers Have A Fixed Front Wheel?

why do jogging strollers have a fixed front wheel

I embrace jogging every day as it is excellent exercise, and it gets me out of the house. I have a little child who enjoys going with me on my jogging expeditions, so I got the idea of investing in a jogging stroller to solve this problem. One question I had though was, “Why do jogging strollers have a fixed front wheel?” I found out after buying one that jogging strollers are simple if you know why the manufacturer designs them the way they do.

Jogging strollers have a fixed front wheel for a very specific reason. When jogging, or running, you do not want instability in the front. This can cause the stroller to suddenly turn left or right which can be dangerous. Having a fixed front wheel so the stroller tracks straight is definitely important.

I get my exercise, and my child enjoys the fresh air. Fresh air and being outside is very beneficial for babies and toddlers. I must admit that I had to get used to all of the advantages of my new jogging stroller, such as the advantages of having a lock on the front wheel or a fixed front wheel. I answered the question of why do jogging strollers have a fixed front wheel?

The front wheel is about 12 inches and remains locked while I am jogging. The biggest reason for locking this wheel or buying a jogging stroller with a fixed front wheel is that it provides increased stability and speed for the stroller while I am jogging. If I should hit a crack or hole in the pavement while jogging, the stroller could easily tip over, especially if there is the weight of a child in the stroller, and I would never want that to happen. 

Why Do Jogging Strollers Have a Fixed Front Wheel?

jogging stroller on tha beach

The fixed front wheel helps stop these vibrations and happens to be the most vital safety feature of the jogging stroller. This fixed wheel adds stability and speed, but it also provides durability to the stroller, adding increased comfort for the child by absorbing any undue vibrations to the child’s body. 

When it came to buying the right jogging stroller, I did not quite understand why some strollers had a fixed front wheel, and some had a wheel that turned, and you could put the lock on placing the wheel in a fixed position.

Another thing I wondered was whether running with a stroller is harder than running alone. I am going at a much faster speed than if I were walking, and I knew that this speed always causes an element of vibration in the stroller.

I like to jog for exercise and take my child with me. However, I did not fully understand the difference between a jogging stroller that had a fixed front wheel and one that came with a front wheel that locked. It seemed to me that both would fit the purpose of keeping the stroller stable and durable yet provide me with the speed I needed while holding my child safe and comfortable from unnecessary vibrations.

Still, I wondered, is running with a stroller harder? 

Do Jogging Strollers Turn With A Fixed Front Wheel?

When I used the fixed wheel type of stroller, I found I had to lift the front wheel while putting a spin on the back wheels. The dealer also told me I could twist my stroller while jogging, and it would turn well, and none of the wheels would leave the ground.

As you know, jogging strollers have a fixed front wheel for an important reason. But, when shopping for jogging strollers, it seemed that the stroller with a fixed wheel was like driving a car without power steering, and the stroller with a front wheel that could lock was like driving a car with power steering. When the lock was off the front wheel, it offered more ease of operation.

However, you cannot run with the lock off. 

I soon realized that a jogging stroller with a fixed front wheel would be a great choice, even though I would have to work harder on the twists and turns. I also wondered if you could run with a regular stroller, and I found out that a regular stroller is not designed for safe jogging, especially with a child on board. It does not have the right type of wheels for jogging. 

I had to practice wide turns and smaller turns without my child on board, which enabled me to get a good workout on my upper body strength, and I found that it was a winning choice for me and I understood I could run with a regular stroller if I wanted to forego the durability, safety, and speed of jogging and not lose my child in the process. 

What Makes a Jogging Stroller Different?

A jogging stroller offers maximum comfort for your child no matter what terrain you are jogging. Additionally, this specialized stroller eliminates unnecessary vibrations that affect the child’s comfort. This is the only stroller you need because it works well for regular trips outside of jogging and exercise. 

I found out that jogging with a regular stroller did not begin to compare to a jogging stroller, and I did not have a good time using a regular stroller. I feel I made a good choice buying a fixed front wheel stroller, and no matter what choice of jogging stroller I purchased, it would take me a few times of practice.

If I wanted to continue jogging and taking my child with me, I wanted the safest stroller, and it was not going to be a regular stroller. If you embrace jogging, then a jogging stroller with a fixed front wheel, or lockable front wheel, is your best and safest option if you want to continue to take your child with you.

Tip: A jogging stroller provides flexibility in your exercise program as you can stroll, walk, jog, or run on any type of terrain and your jogging stroller obeys your every command safely, and a regular stroller does not suit this need. Your child will not be comfortable in a regular stroller because of the design, and the wheels are different. 

In Conclusion

Why do jogging strollers have a fixed wheel in the front is because the front wheel must remain stationary when you are running. Many runners say that this type of stroller fits their running needs well. If you are running and you forget to lock the front wheel on the other stroller type, this could cause it to tip over and injure the child, so a fixed wheel is better for most runners.

Yes, you must lift the front wheel while running, but this benefits you because it allows you an excellent upper body workout when you push the front well upwards with your forearms.

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