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Can You Use a Double Jogging Stroller With One Child?

Parents who have more than one child have to find ways to get things done even when they have the children. Active parents may want to figure out how they can keep up with their favorite fitness activities, such as walking or jogging because carrying the baby and expecting a child to keep up aren’t valid expectations.

For those who like to jog, a double jogging stroller is likely a wise investment because it enables them to keep up with their activities with the children. But what if only one child is with on a trip? Can you use a double jogging stroller with one child?

The simplest answer to this is that you can use the stroller with one child, but it might pull to the side that’s heavier, which could lead to trouble keeping control of the stroller on the trails. Therefore, it might be best to have a single stroller for times when you have only one child coming with you.

Double jogging strollers typically have a side-by-side setup instead of a front-and-back setup, which enables both children in the stroller to see everything around the trail so they can be entertained while they ride. This helps to evenly distribute the weight of the children in the most stable manner while you jog. Parents who jog on uneven surfaces, such as dirt jogging trails, will find this beneficial since it’s easier to control a jogging stroller in those conditions.

Do You Need More than One Stroller?

mom in park with child

Many parents find that it’s best to have more than one stroller, especially when they have more than one child. Different styles of strollers work in different situations, so having one that meets your current needs can help to take the stress off of you. Having a few different stroller options may be beneficial.

Looking at a jogging stroller vs regular stroller shouldn’t be a matter of comparison because these two types of strollers serve vastly different purposes. A jogging stroller is a sturdy model that can handle smooth trail conditions and the bumps that come along with dirt trails. Regular strollers and umbrellas strollers aren’t as sturdy but they’re much more lightweight than a typical jogging stroller, which makes umbrella and regular strollers a better option for trips around town.

One thing that you have to consider when you’re looking at a jogging stroller vs regular stroller vs umbrella stroller is the ease of travel and storage. Jogging strollers are usually a bit heavier and bulkier than umbrella or standard strollers, which makes the jogging stroller a bit more difficult to take with you.

The umbrella stroller is great for short uses, partly because it might not be comfortable for the child, while the standard stroller is more comfortable for the child so it’s suitable for longer outings.

Can I Jog with A Double Stroller?

You can jog with a double stroller but it’s not going to be very comfortable for you or the children because the design isn’t made for jogging. A jogging stroller has a single handlebar that makes it easier to push and steer while your running. A regular stroller is not easy to manage with one hand.

The jogging stroller has a sturdy construction that is made to go over the bumps on jogging trails, but that’s not present in umbrella or standard strollers.

Some people might wonder whether jogging strollers worth it when they see the price of them, but you have to weigh the price with the benefits and features of the stroller models you’re considering. If you’re an avid jogger or even if you go for walks often, a jogging stroller will be worth the price because of the convenience and safety that it offers to the jogger and the children in it.

Despite being very sturdy, these strollers are fairly lightweight compared to some other bulky stroller models, which makes the jogging stroller easier to push without as much effort while you’re jogging. One of the primary benefits of using a jogging stroller when you’re out jogging is that the harnesses and other safety features are made to keep the child safe while you’re moving.

This factor alone has some parents answering, “yes” when confronted with that question. Another benefit is that jogging strollers usually have a handlebar brake, which parents find helpful as they’re jogging along trails or walking around town.

When Should You Buy a Double Stroller?

You should buy a double stroller when you realize that you’ll have to take more than one child out with you. Whether this is a jogging stroller, an umbrella stroller, a standard stroller, or more than one stroller, you should check out the features and find one that suits your needs.

mom walking with baby stroller at sunset

As you’re looking at the models, you may wonder why jogging strollers have a fixed front wheel – because that’s the predominant feature of these strollers. This is a safety feature because it helps to enhance the stability of the stroller while you’re on trails that have uneven terrain. This can also prevent the child from bouncing around while you’re jogging.

It is very important for younger children because it can help to stop them from having to deal with jarring to the neck and head during the jog. Some companies have changed this a little bit so they have locking front wheels, which enable you to unlock the wheel when you’re using the stroller around town and lock it when you’re jogging.

For some people, this provides a good balance for people who need the locking wheel and those who don’t, as well as those who want to be able to use the double stroller in a variety of conditions. Still, this when you’re deciding when you should lock or unlock the wheel.

So, Can I Use Double Jogging Stroller With One Child?

It should be fine to use a double jogging stroller with one child, but you will need to double check the owners manual to make sure your particular stroller won’t be affected by the different weight distribution. Having weight only one side of the stroller may affect how it steers.

Once you buy a double stroller, make sure you understand the safety features of the stroller, as well as all the other features of it so you can use it in the manner intended. Making sure you understand how to strap the children in and similar information helps to keep them safe as they’re riding along on your run.

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